A Severe Case of Engineerititis

After the deadly meningitis or brain fever that attacks the brain is the equally deadly, slow and steadily degenerating impact of engineerititis.

It is usually common among parents with kids of colleageable age. In such cases, when the child, only or the other wise, approach this all important age, the mother or the father or both together under the all important advice of the omniscient neighbors, uncles, aunts, teachers and other such luminaries tend to commit their child forcibly to engineerititis.

Infact, the more averse the kid is to this way of lifelessness, the more adamant the so called well wishers are to compel the child to follow the path of engineerititis so that whatever part of the brain that is still functioning can go numb, number and numbest… if you know what I mean.

The impact of engineerititis is such that a parent with a new born child or a prospective arrival of a child is already looking for institutions of absolutely no thinking and only rote-learning where they will admit their darling.

This they do with the sole intention of saving any sort of thinking hazard to the child who will be subjected to problems after problems with no play or breath.

This can definitely create problems for normal people but in the case of a family affected by the deadly virus of engineerititis, the more glum the child, the happier the parent, after all no time is wasted!

In this manner by periodically and systematically stuffing the brain of their child with matters of the highest non thinking order, they equip the child to face the world sorry, hit the desk job.

The process said some thinking children is painful, infact, very painful.

But the advantage is that you don’t lose your brains, I mean, you don’t kind of use it because life is all about short cuts and easy solutions and if you have the solutions, you get it.

PS: Leave the child alone!


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