Shut up and listen

Youngsters walk in sometimes so hurt and unable to contain their pain that they struggle to say,’I need to talk to you, now’.

What is hurting these young people? Some of them who look so confident, courageous and proud to the point of being arrogant. The facade speaks nothing of their inner struggle, the struggle to meet expectations, their own , their parents, some snooping uncles and aunts and the teachers, of course.

How can we help them? I am not sure. But listening closely and being connected makes a difference, so I have noticed and experienced.

‘I look like this but actually I am ‘spoof, nothing inside’, said a charmer and I wondered why it should be so when she radiates such pure energy.

‘I am in a relationship and now my boy friend has broken up with me. He won’t pick my calls . It’s been five years and its always me who has to patch up. I can’t take it anymore. And my mom is so busy I don’t want to burden her with my stories. What do I do? I have no friends’.

‘I have been crying endlessly in the hostel room. Been alone since I joined. Not a soul to talk to. What do I do?’

‘No body likes me, you see. They just turn around when I come in. I can’t take it. The only boy who talked to me has now stopped even looking at me’.

Far away from their homes, in a totally alien environment most of these kids are going through much avoidable trauma, avoidable only if there was just someone to hear them out.

Mostly all they look for is a willing ear. A pat on the back and an idea or a task to work on.

‘I know I am really good. I was a topper. But this is not my thing. What do I do?’

Some times I wish all of us just stopped and listened to at least 2 people around us every day.

Perhaps we can help make this world actually a better place!

And I always thought college kids were sorted out somehow!

And I realize they are kids and need support, help, counseling and love like a child, in fact does not every one around us need that, some times at least!

Maybe, maybe not!

But just turn around and spend a hour a day listening. You will be surprised at what you are able to do for others!


2 responses to “Shut up and listen”

  1. I totally agree with you. There are days, when people find a listener in me. But being an empath, I can’t seem to be there all the time. We need a lot of time to get back to ourselves too, to recharge. I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, festival, meeting everyone, exchange of different energies and when in that zone, I can talk all rubbish. But that’s again me. For some I seem surprisingly different at that moment but at times, we need to have the space to declutter with the thoughts and energies we catch.
    I hope I be the Listener, simultaneously with my protection shield on. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • Hi dear
      I get what you mean absolutely. I have been learning the value of listening these days and its importance gets emphasized with more and more people I interact with. Keep your armor on always, Seema.
      You are a bright girl with a golden heart. Dust off every negativity that comes your way. Don’t let who you are be affected anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

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