All Hail the classroom!

I do love talking. Yes, listening too.

But basically, sharing tit bits of information, dialogues, literature, poems, happenings anything .In fact I do have a huge interest in good conversations.

But it is difficult really to find those who you want to listen to and talk to. Often conversations slip into people bashing, this man, that woman and well, it just becomes gossiping. I know grapevines have their part to play but perhaps we could just sit down to talk of books, of ideas, of love, of living and what not.

I really wish for places that promotes discussions, even long silences of understanding but airing of virulent opinions that are divisive but just simple sharing of interests and ideas with out much of an agenda.

What would it have been to be at Plato’s Dialogs?

Perhaps I just need to get back to classrooms or at least have a bit of classroom in my life again.

I must be one of those very boring sort of individuals whose interests are primarily reading, writing, speaking yeah really LSRW with a V for vocabulary!

What better interests for a language teacher?!!!!


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