Blessed in sleep

Of all things she loved about her self

was definitely her ability to doze

at the click of half a button

at the drop of hat

or in the midst of din

for often in social science classes

with a certain mary kutty teacher

leading her through history

in a voice sonorous

even when on a half a stomach

from the meager hostel spread

she still managed to sleep

dropping off her head

in convenience

on the rather hefty shoulders

of two friends in the classroom

who kindly nudged her awake

when the teacher turned side

once though her sleep

which now earned her names as

‘kumbakaran’s sister ‘

got her much wrath

when a hapless onlooker

lost it in laughter

and the teacher sent her out

for the crime of laughing

at the criminal who was sleeping,clueless

this they said led to feuds and frictions

among best friends

and took years to heal

however the trials and tribulations of living

never deprived her of the joy of sleeping soundly

that perhaps is the reason for her rather sheepish grin!

many angry shouts and much water has been wasted

much advise given and least of all taken

years of scolding somehow only reinforced

the desire, the love and the admiration

for a good sleep

call it mattressomania



or lazybummia

its a pretty sound condition to be in!

PS:Cast not an evil eye on my sleep!


2 responses to “Blessed in sleep”

  1. Those terms at the end, Im going to try them out on my granddaughter for a laugh. (She too sleeps a lot).

    Also, thanks to you I learned some things about the Ramayana after investigating the “sister” nickname. Glad I did. So much I don’t know!

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