Of letting go and holding on

Turbulence and turmoil is part of every individual’s life. So was it for Anu, when she was at cross roads and lonely and very much so.

She said how desperate she was for a friendly soul and how she was willing to hold any hand that came her way at that time.

The home to her was not a home any more. Work was her only solace.

When an old crush reached out to her she was perhaps overwhelmed. She latched on to the hope and freshness it offered, even if conversations were far in between and not regular.

She was back to being happy and enjoyed the feeling. Did she expect much, perhaps not.But the return of an old friend who she could talk to about her hopes and her dreams minus the variety of cribs and cries sort of brightened her horizon.

‘May be I was a bit too insistent for attention’,she said with a tinge of regret as the channel of communication stopped abruptly.

‘It did help me honestly. I could tide over all the unfair, unbearable pain in those years because one I discovered there were many others like me, two the friend who talked to me in bits and pieces, three discovery of my talents in writing,speaking and connecting to new people.

‘Some people are special for no reason and that was it, not that he cared much, or talked much or helped much or even looked super smashing either’, Anu tried vainly to dismiss the over the top importance she seemed to have given one individual in her life!

She narrated the story of the man who escaped the cold winter night by looking at a faraway temple diya in one of the Akbar -Birbal stories. Such was his influence in my life. It is a chimera, a mirage but still comforting in its own way.

Sorted out and much more comfortable in her personal space, Anu is a happy woman, single and some times looking to mingle but ‘hey, there is no compulsion, no tearing hurry, just a little realignment of ideas, let’s see what this phase brings to my life’, and we smile at each other.

Good conversations make great days, so it was yesterday!

Well, The Gambler knew it better! And life is no different 🙂


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