A cat mom Writes

Its been a month since I brought my three little ones to this world.They have been the best thing that happened to me.

My life which seemed like chasing a vagrant tail found its meaning.

Ever since I have been single minded in my devotion to nurture them to become the best in the cat zone.

Well! don’t ask me more about ask me about the vagrant tail, its been ages since I moved on and for good!

But the difficulty has been sharing my life and my space with this other woman, the hoooman, no the sheeman, she’s a feminist, I better be careful!

This woman and me have been in a live-in relationship for the past 2 years. Something about her, more than just the food packet she showed off endeared herself to me and I just walked in to her home, demanding her care and my comfort.

She has been accommodating, I must say, gets the food packet on time. Has so far ensured that I have my food on time and also provides me scratching services for free! That’s a bonus.

There are a few other perks for her which I care not to mention here.

Well, I trained her well, in fact very well, indeed!

To open the door at my command.

To fetch me water at my glance.

To snuggle and cuddle me on my meow and many more.

In fact during my delivery she was the nanny on duty, she did well!

now this hooman, no sheeman has shifted her house, depriving me of the spacious terrace she had.

I now have to adjust with balcony, no complaints since the sun is good and my kids are healthy.

My problem is the food in interstices, those in between times.

Inspite of my commands, even implorings she can still be stone hearted at times.

What do I do then?

Gotta feed my kiddos

They runaway with my nipples otherwise, three of them, imagine!

so well, I scavenge in the kitchen get them a plastic bag, some times it has some food in it, otherwise it doesn’t , who’s lucky every time, anyways?

so it goes on my life with the other sheeman!

Last night we had visitors, never seen anyone ringing the calling bell for her, but you see, they had come to see me and my kiddos…. two specimens

they came, they hugged, they snuggled and they left!

good for me!

You might have in your life seen many like me, but I am different, I really am.

I can see through hoomans and sheemans.

I can predict when sheemans get up as to where they are headed to.

But most importantly, I am the best mom ever, ask my kiddos.

Life is good, hope yours is too, in spite of her the Sheeeman!

PS: Just kitty


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