Teacher vibes

For the most of this year, I had no occasion to go to classroom.

Something was amiss. Something close.

Since sustaining life energies on work has been the pattern for some time , I felt malnourished, while still holding the fort and putting up a brave face.

Then as if my SoS reached the universe, the oracle proclaimed

Back, go back!

to the classrooms

reclaim redeem a lost art

strengthen what is your mettle

So I inch back to the classrooms.

Communicative English Classes for all at the university every Friday.

Spoken English classes at home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Maybe a creative writing class for the School of Design too.

Ask and you receive, well, mostly!

The smile is back.

The joy is true

who cares what the world says

who cares who stays and who scoots

Delve within to sustain!

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