A class & a confession

I am thrilled to bits to be back to the classroom. To have 2, just 2 sweet ladies drop in to learn Spoken English with me.

Ah! joy ,that makes me realize why I was so morose?

So malnourished in my soul without a soul to share

the tit bits of knowledge that I beg, borrow or steal!

Then it happened, the class.

A young man who teaches Mathematics expressed in anguish that there was a certain complaint about his teaching, believe me not, it was because he was teaching too much! Well! he was summoned to the higher ups who said, ” So, what do we hear, YOU TEACH???!’

The young man who would die for math and said, ” I do so with all sincerity”

“Stop this nonsense, don’t stress the students, we hear that you delve deep into concepts and it is totally unacceptable”.

“Why, pray ,”said the young man,” I came here to teach.I turned my back to offers far more alluring and sought the joy of sharing, actually I thrive on it , Sir..ji”

“It’s against the constitution of our institution to think. We admonish you to henceforth not force our students to know that they have brains and can actually think, it’s the forbidden fruit of education. Dare thee not dream of it nor ever dare to touch it”.

“But”, the young man started and soon saw it frivolous and gave up in dismay.

A young girl who wanted to do her job well walks off in disbelief at the large gap between promises and deliverance.

Others live on with jaded hopes

But she stomps out

‘I gotta live my life, the way I want. Good bye’.

They I heard are still looking for a replacement.

Friend, foe, benefactor be around as I tick a few boxes

gather a few more experiences

fill my heart

then recede!

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