A fitment issue

It perhaps irritated and frustrated her that there it was an issue of fitment!

no, you are not fit to be here

no, you won’t get my jokes , you see

no, your color is too dark for this groupie,

will you please leave!

no, we are the i phone people

charger, go charge your mind girl

hmm, in our family, no girl was ever born

we are all sons family, you see

rolls royce is how I roll

vodka is my mid day meal

world is my oyster

will you please step out of my world?

we all have cars

and this boy, is bekaar!

yes, you do have an issue

I mean,how can someone smile so much

something must be wrong

perhaps you are sad and you don’t know it

we are the movers and shakers

we take up public causes

we post lots of issues

sorry, just don’t have time for your village language, attitude and upbringing

give me that browcher, you said

ha ha ha

stand up straight first

I would say!

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