Harken! Harken!

Harken! harken!

the call of the birds

the song of the lakes

the swan song of the earth

the clear blue skies

hide the guilt and the pain

of your gross betrayal

the azure sky sends but her love

the soil calls thee

to thy chores

man oh! man

get back to the earth

touch her gently

breathe in her your breath

find in her your very soul

clasp her very energy

in your palms

sun dry your poor poor soul

rain bath your poor dreams

be weather beaten your thoughts

step out

bow thy head to the elements

the sky

the water

the air

the earth

the all encompassing ether

call out

you are one of us!

man oh! man

return to thy roots!

hold us dear or perish!

harken harken the cry of the birds

better still sing thy own swan song

Ps: only seven feet!

PS: ONV Kurup: Iniyum marikatha bhoomi,Pablo Neruda: Keeping Quiet

Signpost of God

Dear universe

what propels you to send

a hand in crisis

a gentle soul

a sweet voice

sane and noble

at once endearing

eyes tear up

voice trembles

when you direct

a signpost of god

before she buries herself

in a swamp of deep sorrow

that threatens sanity

you being kindness herself

reach out every time


‘my cup runneth over!’

Choosing to visit

Choosing to visit

my impoverished soul

lost in memories

fond,un-fond, yet all so real

a soft fragrance seeps through

suffusing my soul

with your presence

thoughts and your many many dialogues

tantrums even

you lift me back to a no more time


humbled I stand

grateful in remembrance

of your love profound

of your care undivided

of you nonpareil

brother you’re alive in me

your dreams are mine

living two lives in one

I stagger, I falter

stand by

and nudge me on when I stop

bolster my soul with your invisible hands

your loving thoughts

and our many memories together.

Dearest universe

Your fury unleashed

on one you held so close

the who betrayed

your purpose of his very existence

turn away your eye of fire

hold back your wrath

reach out a helping hand

hold close your child

who has erred

these words mean nothing

I know

but truth be said

sense has been driven

lessons have been learnt

spare the rest of his tribe

together to build this nest

for all that is living

Pardon! Pardon! Pardon!

Ginger steps

Ginger steps


tread turbulence

deep breaths




confusion of words

more words

more cacophony


bewildering maze of words


out! out! bright candle

“Cover her face; mine eyes dazzle; she died young

damn the words

actions speak

do,just do!


എന്തിനീ തേങ്ങൽ
എന്തിനീ നീർച്ചാലുകൾ

എന്തിനീ നോവുകൾ
എന്തിനീ തേടൽ

ഈ കരുതലും
ഈ അപക്ഷതവും

ആര് നിൻ മന പൊയ്കയിൽ
ആര് നിൻ മന വിസ്മയത്തിൽ

ഏതു നിൻ സ്വപ്ന ഭൂമി
ഏതു നിൻ സമയ ചക്രം

ഏതു നിൻ സ്വപ്ന രാജ്യം
ആര് നിൻ സ്വപ്ന കാമുകൻ

എവിടെ നിൻ വീഥികൾ
എവിടെ നിൻ വഴിത്താരകൾ

ഒന്ന് നിന്ന് നീ ചിന്തിക്കുക
നിൻ ജീവിത സ്വപ്നം
നീ തന്നെയല്ലേ

ഓം ശാന്തി

अजीब लोग

कुछ बातें अजीब सी होती है
कुछ लोग भी
सोचती हूँ
चुप रहूंगी
नहीं अपनी चोट नहीं दिखाउंगी
नहीं कुछ किसीसे नहीं कहूँगी
पर जब दिल टूट जाएं
आंसू रुखने का नाम न ले
तब क्या कहे
क्या न कहे
कुछ लोगोंकी
फितरत ही अजीब है
आगे दोस्त
पीछे दुश्मन
भाई कह
दिया होता
दिल खोलखे न देती
क्यों दोस्त बनके
दिल दुखाते हो
सीधा सीधा दुश्मनी निभाती
कुछ मज़ा मुझे भी आता
बस इतना कहूँगी
विश्वास अभी भी मज़बूत है
आगे बहुत कुछ करना है
जीना है जी भरके
बस ऐसे हार
हमने कभी नहीं माना है
तो आज क्यों रोयेंगे
बताओ आज कैसे रुखेंगे
जब भी हारते है
और जीना का जी करता है
यूँ समज लो
जीना भी एक तरीके का जीत ही होता है

Live in the moment

a slight stir

a movement nonetheless

an awakening

a new lease of life

of an all powerful feeling

should this be a mirage

a non-starter

a dream


perhaps not

yet surely

the energies are moving

the life is rekindling

a hope is glimmering

is that a hand reaching out

is that a voice whispering

is that a bond strengthening

faraway destinations beckon

wait and watch

there is no rush

no push

no reason to complain

leave out the expectations

live in the moment

Introduction to Learn with Lekha

Learning any language has to start with the basics, which is a mindset to believe that one has the ability to learn and speak that language fluently. Practice is perhaps the only way to master any language.

We know that English has become a professional requirement today. Therefore there is a lot of pressure or stress associated with learning to speak in this language. This stress often causes hindrance in learning.

As Indians most of us do not speak English as it is not our mother tongue, however, it is quite easy to master English.

During this course, I will provide lessons, exercises and activities related to learning of English at your own pace. Kindly follow the instructions and write to me at sreelekhakopparambil@gmail.com for more details or clarifications.

Let’s get started.

Tom Hanks & movies

It is incredible how much Tom Hanks brings to his character. It is like he is some very malleable and ductile individual who just blends into the character so much that there is absolutely no ‘ Tom Hanks’ out there just the character.

Watching ‘The Terminal’ again yesterday, one is struck by the gullible naive Victor Navorski of Krakozhia.

What a delight the movie is!

I was for some reason reminded strongly of the ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and of the Cindrella moment in the life of Marisa when she puts on that necklace and the dress of one of her clients in the hotel and walks to the ball room to the collective sigh of every one present. What a moment!

The stories of the under dogs is what we all root for. We some how adore stories of triumph in love and life and when the lead character who is a commoner achieves something uncommon out of sheer grit and courage or that leap of faith, the viewer is hooked. Could that not be my/our journey?

Plato talked of the catharsis of how watching an intense act of drama purges the viewer of a lot of accumulated negative emotions.

The lock down has been a time for movies,books and discussions.Each of these movies has been a revelation in some sense apart of course being great entertainment.

Here are a few movies I caught up with:

Image result for the terminal
Image result for the parasite
Image result for the great debaters

So what movies have you been watching!