the sky was quiet

the stars silent

a bright moon

chose to slink behind a host of clouds

she sent a silent prayer

tears and arson

tore apart homes

you and I

can never be we?

is it so really

waters from above poured on all alike

we smiled you and I as we!



a rush of emotions

a swelling in the heart

a deep deep feeling

a reaching out

a drawing away

a walk off

an inch closer

many miles farther


the sound

the all powerful

the device to kill or make or remake

wise be the user

be your words like the first rain drop

on a thirsty patch of land

absorbing, assimilating, changing for good

wise be the user

of the word!

Living Human

broken pieces floating

in the void searching

fix this puzzle

fill this gap

the wheel of life

turns on

the universe watches

another worm

just another life matter

every beginning has an end

only too much of self!