The Last believer

the last believer left the altar

the sirens called out the hoard

to the nearest chemist

where much chastised

one metre away

gathered palms folded

heads bowed

the holy flame

stood watching

shaking, shivering, swaying

the holy man in unholy garb

skewed nostrils

protruding mouths

shut ears

reached out

one,two, three a plenty

the street sides

dreamed of footsteps

thud thud thud

a distant bird chirped

a long distance affair bloomed

heads huddled in rooms

blinded to each other

rushed and hit the walls

cracks wizened

no machinery

no order

no thumping foot

no gunnery

just a speck

a swirling speck

take this message to millions

the call belted out

stay put

stay safe

a message went to a friend

hopes rarely die

the last laugh was heard

the blue skies smiled

speck and the cosmos!