ParasiTe & a Reality Check

Ever since I watched the movie’Parasite’ yesterday with my daughter I have slumped into a state of a willing suspension of disbelief! In fact I could not bring myself to watch the whole movie, it was so real that it hurt.

The movie has been a long standing recommendation from her but as always I am rather lazy to do things on my own and keep clamoring for company.

The Book Thief is a book she had recommended me long back,two years ago to be precise.

You can get that I am rather slow, given to imagination and much self-absorption. That is not a secret and well I don’t intend to change much !

Anyways, it is impossible given the times we are living in not to think of parallelism between the metaphor of staircase in the film Parasite and the reality of novel corona virus spreading across the world right now.

While a middle class university assistant professor like myself has got a work from home order and perhaps can spend time to rethink my research paper,or that writing project or the fitness that half a century mark calls for, the maid who reports to my home can not perhaps afford to take even a day off.

In fact, her daughter who works on Sundays included in a mall has no off even though there are no visitors or customers to take care of.

Out there those on the higher elevations of the ladder will be relaxing more before the pinch gets to the skin.

The street vendors have to forego their daily earning.

The daily wage laborers are stuck. They never learned to save.

The enormous population of homeless are definitely the last to get any form of health care.

Beyond this country though there are vast majorities of people who the Corona will not differentiate but will attack all the same.

Death they say is a great leveller

well, Corona is no less!


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