Signpost of God

Dear universe

what propels you to send

a hand in crisis

a gentle soul

a sweet voice

sane and noble

at once endearing

eyes tear up

voice trembles

when you direct

a signpost of god

before she buries herself

in a swamp of deep sorrow

that threatens sanity

you being kindness herself

reach out every time


‘my cup runneth over!’

Choosing to visit

Choosing to visit

my impoverished soul

lost in memories

fond,un-fond, yet all so real

a soft fragrance seeps through

suffusing my soul

with your presence

thoughts and your many many dialogues

tantrums even

you lift me back to a no more time


humbled I stand

grateful in remembrance

of your love profound

of your care undivided

of you nonpareil

brother you’re alive in me

your dreams are mine

living two lives in one

I stagger, I falter

stand by

and nudge me on when I stop

bolster my soul with your invisible hands

your loving thoughts

and our many memories together.