Harken! Harken!

Harken! harken!

the call of the birds

the song of the lakes

the swan song of the earth

the clear blue skies

hide the guilt and the pain

of your gross betrayal

the azure sky sends but her love

the soil calls thee

to thy chores

man oh! man

get back to the earth

touch her gently

breathe in her your breath

find in her your very soul

clasp her very energy

in your palms

sun dry your poor poor soul

rain bath your poor dreams

be weather beaten your thoughts

step out

bow thy head to the elements

the sky

the water

the air

the earth

the all encompassing ether

call out

you are one of us!

man oh! man

return to thy roots!

hold us dear or perish!

harken harken the cry of the birds

better still sing thy own swan song

Ps: only seven feet!

PS: ONV Kurup: Iniyum marikatha bhoomi,Pablo Neruda: Keeping Quiet


2 responses to “Harken! Harken!”

  1. I’m marking this for reading again– often– especially these simple but true lines:

    man oh! man
    get back to the earth

    Also, I looked up the Pablo Neruda poem. Beautiful! Thanks for recommending. He is indeed special. Now if only I could read Spanish freely….

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