Circle of life

The circle of life matters, he said sagely.

Then? she asked.

Well, you let only those who really care about into your circle.

Ok, the cat? , she asked.

Yes, the cat if you care deeply about her. Otherwise no.

She sighed.

I cleaned my circle of life long back, it’s just me in here now,he chuckled.

She looked for pain in his voice, there was none.

Ok, so remember this, in fact underline this truth, ‘the circle of life’ alone matters.

If there are people, things, events that do not concern you, or those that never showed concern for you, chuck them off, just do that ruthlessly because what matters is your peace of mind.

And keep removing and adding to your circle of life, keep only those that really matter, REALLY.

Now about caring for self, remember the aircraft instructions to wear the oxygen mask, unless you first take care of yourself,you can’t take care of others.

And that is not selfishness, if you are happy, truly happy, then only you can take care of others.

How often do we forget to take care of ourselves, in our urge to save others?

How often does that lead us to crib and cry of un -returned favors and unfinished agendas?

So,keep the fundamentals of life simple,

Manage your circle of life well.

Love thyself

Let go what is not yours….

Ain’t it all so easy?!

PS: Great wisdom,mischievous mind


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