Fency Fancy

For the umpteenth time

she called him up

the king of slumber

the man of her dreams

she told him clearly

‘this is no dream

hey you, call up

before nightmares ensue’

he just turned the other side

and between a snore or two

he cried

honey, its quarantine

can you just shut up

the world is not going anywhere

neither am I

you know how rarely I wake up!

so chill, just chill!

after she had walked up and down

the hall of life

a decade or half

she sent a reminder

and he said

‘Gosh, you are so much older

besides there are chicks dime a dozen

far too younger

do you think I have lost my mind

to hook up a woman your size

much less your age’

She called up the last guy

who sent her a card

‘I am coming, bag and barrel’

Didn’t even ask if he cared

Coz she had realized

there were souls too many

too lonely and cold

a bit of warmth

spoiled none so ever

between winter and the spring

a new chapter added to a random life

PS:Movers and shakers!