50/50 – movie Review

In a series of movie watching that is bringing us together and giving us ideas to discuss and debate on while simultaneously lounging in the front room and even sometimes sipping wine, we chanced upon 50/50 following the recommendations on the net.

That is some movie on the spirit of survival? I can’t say how much I loved Adam and his friend – Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Seth Rogen.

The monk like appearance of Adam post his chemo arouses love,care and empathy in the viewers and in Kyle one finds the best friend we all long for,that irreverent joker who has his sunny side up always.

After the movie, we went to sleep. comforted of a beautiful world despite the quarantine and salary cuts and a general feel of impending dangers to our existence by the sheer force of the director’s ability to turn a tragedy into a laughable experience.

Having had a close ring side view of my brother’s struggle with Mito chondrial cytopathy, the apathy of many who could have lend a hand, the outpouring of love from his 4 steadfast friends and my parents’ endless struggle and his own ability to keep a cheerful face, all flashed in front of my eyes.

Between the two of us, my brother was snatched from life at a very young age and having suffered excruciating pain of more than a life time, he took with him many other things from my life, as if purging me and also teaching me the essence of living. That said as spirits we stand united and some how still manage to connect. Now does that sound creepy?!!! It is not.

50/50 (2011 film) - Wikipedia


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