Sometimes even the triumphantly emphatic feminist in her, leans towards a pillar, a wall or just something to share a bit of the weight.

But who said that being strong came from a one man show, it is way stronger when there is a team, right? But the right team!

So I decide to needle my good friend out of her complacence.

Life is demanding, challenging, battles have been won and lost,yet at the end of the day, one looks for good company, a good friend, to have long talks and long walks as equals, preferably.

But, aye therein lies the rub!cause the world as it is filled with loners, incurable romantics and yearners of all kinds, makes it a tad difficult to find the one, just the way you want!

I laughed at Anu’s catch-22 situation, ‘to do or not to do, if to do , then what to do, and how to do!’

We laughed out together!

‘I am not the socializing type’, said she.

‘How come? asked I, ‘you have a giant smile pasted all the time’!

‘Oh!that’s is a mask’, comes the answer, ‘a shield life has taught me well to wear.’

‘Come on’, I don’t believe you’.

‘Your choice!’, Says she.

We don’t want to argue so we leave it at that.


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