Talking to your higher soul

How often do we forget that we are but spirits dressed in our bodies? Spirits from far above,with a reason or none but spirits the same. We, both you and I have infinite possibilities and should continuously reach out to realize the same.

Well, possibilities in love, possibilities in knowing self, possibilities in living a better life, possibilities in sharpening our skills and wowing the world! Why not?

In one of my counselling sessions, a student said, ‘its all luck mam, there is nothing else’.

Really, I countered, disagreeing with him.

I was listening to Deshuana Barber ,the unlikely Miss USA. She was spotted by a kind lady who said’ she is the most beautiful girl ever’ and that changed her life, but wait, her success came only after she failed 6 times in a row.

I was amazed at her not giving up.

Long back when I wanted to pursue journalism and was selected for interview at Indian Institute of Mass Communication, I was thrilled but didn’t clear the interview and I gave up.

I did not try to enter for admission at even the local colleges. Looking back I feel the confidence and the courage to live my life and take my own decisions could have come to me earlier had I just done that!

Well, who is to change the past?!!! It’s futile.

But now several years later I have found my freedom of expression, a level head that weighs and takes decisions and a spirit unafraid in me, it sort of thrills me to say this even though I paid a very very heavy price to reach here.

But as I would say now with a wisdom gained from pain and life experiences, that there is definitely a higher soul in you and me, that lends us a glance into its existence when we hit the rock bottom or merely when we step out of our comfort zone.

The higher soul that is connected to the universe lifts, hugs and cuddles, she whispers strength mantras and showers kisses, caressing a broken spirit to lull to sleep and rise again like a phoenix.

Tune in to the higher soul.

Talk to your self

Talk to the universe.

For she, the all knowing has watched many of us come and go, her wisdom is the root of our being, her love is our laughter.

Even in our transience we may then rejoice!!!


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