Tathasthu and Mindfulness

Tathasthu in Sanskrit means ‘so be it’. This week I have heard of ‘Tathastu’ from three different people in three different contexts.

One is an eminent academician, who chirpily commented, ‘You know what , it is said that what you say has to happen because the ashwini kumaras who are roaming around our world are happily saying to all our utterances, ‘Thathasthu’ or so be it.

‘Therefore, Lekha you just go ahead and wish for the best, it’s gonna happen’ and we giggled together!

By the way, here is a quote from Rigvedas as quoted in Wikipedia

our chariot, o Aśvins, swifter than mind, drawn by good horses, comes to the clans.
By which (chariot) you go to the home of the good ritual performer, by that, o men, travel your course to us.
You free Atri, the seer of the five peoples, from narrow straits, from the earth cleft along with his band, o men—confounding the wiles of the merciless Dasyu, driving them out, one after another, o bulls.
O Aśvins—you men, you bulls—by your wondrous powers you draw back together the seer Rebha, who bobbed away in the waters, like a horse hidden by those of evil ways. Your ancient deeds do not grow old.— 1.117.2–4, in The Rigveda, translated by Stephanie W. Jamison (2014)

So the Asvins or Ashwini devas as they are called have been invoked since the vedic times even to this day.

Now at home, when things go awry, I lament in my old fashioned manner, mostly seeking some attention, ‘hey bhagwan, bola lo,mujhe’ and my daughter gets very annoyed.

‘Why do you say this, what if some one,( some higher beings such as Yakshas and Kinnaras can do that too, apparently!) said, ‘tathastu’ and she threatens me saying’ I will also say it, mind you!’ and of course, I learn another lesson in minding my manners!

But how intricately is Thathasthu related to mindfulness is what I was thinking.

Its what you think that happens so better be watchful of thoughts which are just passing by strangers to your mind. It is up to you to pick up the right one to ponder on and dismiss the rest!

So there is this rather story of a mom who while crossing the river told her naughty restless child that the river may take the kid, and the river did.

Now that is a story but constant reiteration what is not there in your life, makes you focus on what is not there and as they say what you focus on expands,what you ignore retracts.

So, if you are hard on money, don’t repeatedly talk about about its lacking, if you are lacking in love or friends or whatever just focus on what you have or even keep a mindset of richness regarding these areas and well, thathasthu works!

So, what are you doing with thathasthu?!!!


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