The Platform and the Corona

It was definitely not a good movie to watch at lunch, yet we were huddled in front of the laptop, me, my daughter and Aswin and we were so fascinated,intrigued, horrified that it became impossible to eat food.

At one point I wanted to stop watching the movie, in fact at many points, but I could not, The Platform on Netflix, fascinates, horrifies and sort is repulsive even, yet it holds your attention.

I looked up its description and it said it is a sci-fi horror film but I thought it was more than it.

Like the stair cases in Parasite,so the levels in The Platform!

The Platform sci-fi, horror, thriller film where in an ironically named Vertical Self Management Center dehumanizes existence of the living.

Goreng, enters the platform with a book in his hand hoping to get for himself an ‘Accredited Diploma’, funny how accreditation is a ‘gold mine’ for the sellers of ‘degrees, diplomas’!

What happens there after is a night mare of atrocities too difficult even to comprehend.

Having said that one cannot stop from thinking of how as a people we prey on others in so many ways.

Does our existence and our opportunities and our thriving somehow manage to cast a shadow on others?

One realizes the ‘man eat man’ nature of our survival.

I look at these stories that are well told as a treasure, besides remembering the old adage ‘art precedes science’ , one wonders, where are we heading really.

With us the middle class cocooned in our homes and the migrating workers left to fend for themselves in the sweltering heat and the danger of corona, is it playing out already.

The Platform (2019) - IMDb

As the quarantine begins to unwind, I am already suffering from withdrawal symptoms, moodiness and what not!

Well, let me know how you liked this sci-fi horror!


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