what baby?

say na babyyyyy

ok. I am like this

I talk like this only

I have many girlfriends

I have so many friends

what I can’t keep myself like this fit no

so I have to take care

you know why right?

wink! wink!

I am a great cook

baby what baby

I have many gunda friends

so many of them

what positions do you like?

ok baby

no problem

I like this ok

baby you know what

she cooks for me

sad, I don’t like her

like that I mean

she prays for me

she’s ok but

you know not like that

she you know what

sends me her pics

those kinds, you know right

but yeah

I am lazy ok

very lazy

why don’t you

write down my thoughts

the business plan

why don’t you

pray for me?

why don’t you share your pics?

those kinds

ok tell me your vitals

better to get to know right

you know what I mean

ok baby I am but smoking

a bit of marijuana

it is healthy you know that no

ha! so never smoked


you never went to pubs

what baby

you lived in a jungle or what

what life you have

no dresses

oh god


can’t believe

such people exist

any ways I can teach you

so much

really baby

so much

ok chill ok

just chill

so many people like me

I am the life of parties

people wait for me


you will also like me

I know that for sure

I am too good ok

too good

mind you

mom, she’s stupid, old school

sister, oh she’s so dumb!!!!

but you are different ok!

PS: just saying


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