The art of being a crib

It takes a lot of imagination, the right mix of self victimization and ‘poor me-aisation’ to be a crib all the time.

For the universe in her kindness has been steady in getting me trained in how to deal with eternal cribbers.

The cribs are inventive, hilarious , irrational and high on fantasy, if anything.

Cribber numero uno

” I am doing so much. I am working like a donkey here inspite of my position”.

“I am so old still I drive(others crazy!) “

“I am always looking at details and am very particular you know”

“I am the best leader and I always train others sincerely”( to crib???!!!)

Cribber 2

You know what, I am lonely.

That’s why I am cribbing.

Nothing is working for me.

There is no one.

Everything works for you!!!(sarcasm)

You are always happy!!!!????(god knows why)

Cribber 3

I just don’t look good enough.

I try

I can’t get things right.

I am not popular.

I am like this only.

Cribber 4

I am planning ok.

Always planning.

Nothing is happening.(if you only plan, how will anything happen?)

I don’t like her suggestions.

But I don’t know what to do either.

I have to try.

I have to.

I have to.

Cribber 4

I am very creative.

I am full of ideas.

I can do so much.

I am just plain lonely.

I want to have friends.

I am kinda tired.

No motivation only!

Cribber 5 (myself!!!)

I am so lonely.

I have no friend.

I need a change.

So much work.

Why can’t vessels clean themselves?

Hey Bhagvan, if you are omniscient, come mop my house!

Just want to see if you exist.

Ps: Master cribbers!!!

the buddha

For a long time since my reading of the ashtanga marga in the history text book, I have been drawn to that prince who lives behind his beloved to go in search of the ultimate truth.

Many times there has been a desire to write a play on the Life of Buddha and have it staged.

In my mind in my dreams at least there has been a vivid picturisation of how it would go on stage.

But my knowledge of the subject has been limited.

As I sit today, looking ahead and wondering what is out there for me, I feel drawn more than ever before to the Buddha.

The universe is perhaps leading me to a new path of acceptance and of no expectations.

Perhaps that is how I can explain the deep churning of emotions as I listen intently to the chanting of Nam myoho renge kyo.

It is calming in a strange way.