The Impatience of the All Knowing

Now, some of us are the all knowing kind

No, not the little knowing

or the somewhat knowing

or the getting to know kind

the all knowing kind

the real fountains of knowledge

of times that went and times that are

and the times that will come

that Atlas who can’t even shrug!

something like ‘The Man From Earth’

but above and beyond all that

If you don’t get me

well, just know how much you know!

or how much you don’t

that goes without saying

but that kind

the all knowing kind are

have you noticed


with the less knowers, ‘how can you…..?’

sometimes dark smoke of suppressed anger

irritation, impatience, disgust

spews out of their ears

(if you haven’t noticed, look closely next time)

some times watch out how spirals of wisdom

sprout from their crowns and reach the skies

a la cyclonic image!

but seriously years of study

years of observation

decades of self obsession, introspection, I mean!

that which catches every tiny spot

that which analyses and aggregates

loads of information in myriad forms

has made heavy a head

which could otherwise have been light enough to

laugh out and cry even

or thump a chest

and reach out in zest

friend, the least knower

who is blissful in the state of unknowing

my love to you

my empathy

and my emphatic support

don’t dismay

coz we too shall reach such stage

if you and I so desire

but look

aren’t the skies so bright

the stars so clear

shall we not sit here and just enjoy

the few moments granted to us in life

so, leave him to his task

his insatiable thirst for the power of knowledge

what did Dr. Faustus gain

from devil’s exchange?

Forget, forgive his knowledge

blissful shall we be in our ignorance.

PS.we also need to live


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