The Platform and the Corona

It was definitely not a good movie to watch at lunch, yet we were huddled in front of the laptop, me, my daughter and Aswin and we were so fascinated,intrigued, horrified that it became impossible to eat food.

At one point I wanted to stop watching the movie, in fact at many points, but I could not, The Platform on Netflix, fascinates, horrifies and sort is repulsive even, yet it holds your attention.

I looked up its description and it said it is a sci-fi horror film but I thought it was more than it.

Like the stair cases in Parasite,so the levels in The Platform!

The Platform sci-fi, horror, thriller film where in an ironically named Vertical Self Management Center dehumanizes existence of the living.

Goreng, enters the platform with a book in his hand hoping to get for himself an ‘Accredited Diploma’, funny how accreditation is a ‘gold mine’ for the sellers of ‘degrees, diplomas’!

What happens there after is a night mare of atrocities too difficult even to comprehend.

Having said that one cannot stop from thinking of how as a people we prey on others in so many ways.

Does our existence and our opportunities and our thriving somehow manage to cast a shadow on others?

One realizes the ‘man eat man’ nature of our survival.

I look at these stories that are well told as a treasure, besides remembering the old adage ‘art precedes science’ , one wonders, where are we heading really.

With us the middle class cocooned in our homes and the migrating workers left to fend for themselves in the sweltering heat and the danger of corona, is it playing out already.

The Platform (2019) - IMDb

As the quarantine begins to unwind, I am already suffering from withdrawal symptoms, moodiness and what not!

Well, let me know how you liked this sci-fi horror!

50/50 – movie Review

In a series of movie watching that is bringing us together and giving us ideas to discuss and debate on while simultaneously lounging in the front room and even sometimes sipping wine, we chanced upon 50/50 following the recommendations on the net.

That is some movie on the spirit of survival? I can’t say how much I loved Adam and his friend – Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Seth Rogen.

The monk like appearance of Adam post his chemo arouses love,care and empathy in the viewers and in Kyle one finds the best friend we all long for,that irreverent joker who has his sunny side up always.

After the movie, we went to sleep. comforted of a beautiful world despite the quarantine and salary cuts and a general feel of impending dangers to our existence by the sheer force of the director’s ability to turn a tragedy into a laughable experience.

Having had a close ring side view of my brother’s struggle with Mito chondrial cytopathy, the apathy of many who could have lend a hand, the outpouring of love from his 4 steadfast friends and my parents’ endless struggle and his own ability to keep a cheerful face, all flashed in front of my eyes.

Between the two of us, my brother was snatched from life at a very young age and having suffered excruciating pain of more than a life time, he took with him many other things from my life, as if purging me and also teaching me the essence of living. That said as spirits we stand united and some how still manage to connect. Now does that sound creepy?!!! It is not.

50/50 (2011 film) - Wikipedia


Gosh! What a story! And what cinematography. We sat gripped to our seats and when it ended felt a bit betrayed that it should end!

So , I read that it got Jazz all wrong! maybe but it got all the acting and the story line great.

That was some super amazing story telling with excellent acting skills.

I guess I will not forget this movie ever!

J.K Simmons excels as the abusive band leader and so does Miles Teller as the ambitious student.

Stealthy lover

Stealthy lover

stealing life

prying from nowhere

sometimes around the corner

waiting to pounce

a happy unhappy surprise

it does not matter to him

what he does to you

but obey you have to nevertheless

the lease of life sometimes extends

many times is cut short

he is the master

wonder why we don’t worship him

knowing his peculiar ways

his all powerful unyielding stance

or those sudden inexplicable getaways

the master of every life

Yama, the lord

a prince once took offence

and turned mendicant

we do often ignore him

till he shows up from nowhere

a reminder of the grim truth

accept, allow, embrace

life and exchange of energies

transcending time, place

stealthy lover of life

your insatiable thirst

often breaks hearts and homes

Of a love for cooking

I am a frugal eater, not given to great fancies but cooking I love especially when I have an appreciative audience or company.

After days of staying alone and surviving on scanty non eatables in the name of food, I developed during the quarantine a re-liking for cooking.

Seriously, there were challenges.

One that the gas cylinder was not procurable, well, I have to get a new connection in my name.

Secondly the induction stove is not always friendly to all pots and pans,its rather choosy!

Still, I must say the presence of my daughter hovering around the kitchen, the cat, following me everywhere and my cousin, Aswin in the house added a new camaraderie, a new warmth to the hearth that brought out delicious sambar, morukootan, biriyani, thatu dosa, chutney, cakes, payasam, a variety of soups and other delicacies that brought delight to the dining table.

It helped that my little one found good company and joined in the kitchen to try her hand out at cooking in the evenings, fancy food items from you tube made way to our eager plates.

I am a great fan of my cooking, I must agree with what my MIL once announced a bit sarcastically and almost grudgingly that girls born on ‘Uthradom’ are usually skilled and manage to do a good job of anything. This was her comment when little tomatoes sprung to life in my kitchen garden many years ago, though she followed it up with some other sarcastic negatives as usual.

Funny to think that recently when I had a tiff with a superior and felt driven to a frenzy, I remembered this lady and her not so wonderful son who managed to re-orient me from what I thought was the role of the ideal bahu and my many attempts to please, placate and hold the fort for a decade and a half. They came as a package (1+1) into my life thanks to my parents and they went off as a package having taught me some valuable lessons in courage, management, self-development, frugality, sense and sensibility and what not.

Gosh! how light life is really now without their censure and constant criticism. Even as I look forward to good company to be out of what was essentially toxic and painful, very painful. That dear universe, was your kindness, perhaps this was the transition or transformation that you intended for me and now I am here, so easily able to talk about this.

Yep, it all sounds good. And age does take away shyness, as one realizes, ‘what seems is not what it is’ and ‘well, life is not meant to be a rosy picture’ and that is fine.

I often marvel at the heaviness that has lifted from my life, and now welcome into it only those who can help me sustain the peace I have found only recently.

Otherwise, I am like, sorry, no thanks, honey, I am good!

That makes me a bit withdrawn, but it is again for good.