Some pain it is

Some pain it is not to be able to celebrate. Now you have a good news

you think you want to share but how tell me how, anu asked?

Go out, eat out, order, have wine…simple, I laugh at her.

But you see she said I don’t want to be like that guy who shut himself in the room and laughed out aloud.

Why would be do that I asked?

Well, he said, he had no one to laugh with.

Look at andrew, I said, who rubbed his rump on my legs and meowed twice.

He wants to share your joys and sorrows too. I added reassuringly.

She sneered at me in contempt.

So, you know what? she started , giggling crazily even before uttering the first sentence.

Get out with it, I said annoyed almost.

So this girl of mine does so well ok.

Ok. so ?

Then I did that ok.

Ok So?

Like did it go so well too.

Ok, Ok. I said

Be happy then, I said , as I walked out to the verandah

Anu followed me with her voice trailing my footsteps


but, yeah

but, you see, only Andrew knows me well

that’s one cool guy, I nodded in agreement

Andrew was chilling on the window sill, taking in the

evening breeze and the sight of the sunset sky.

He did move his tail a bit as if in agreement.

Andrew loves playing hide and seek.

Infact he gets up in the morning with a proper game plan

and meows till he has me hidden.

Clever boy, I said, you are always in the limelight anyways,

Its good for you to hide.

Yeah, said Anu agreeing most unexpectedly

I want to hide, can youhelp?

Then we go to celebrate hiding, coffee mugs in hand,


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