Hide and seek

So its been hectic hide and seek g ames at home with Ammu and Andrew running, chasing each other from their respective hiding spots. Well, only the hiding spots are usually, especially for Andrew the same, behind the curtain, on the laptop, beneath the cot, by the fridge, beneath the sofa and so on.

Until ofcourse, ammu decided to hide behind the doors and quick learner that he is Andrew picked it up and regularly meowed his way to hide behind the doors, wait patiently some times even forgetting that he has to find this time since its her turn to hide now.

My daughter prances around the house as Andrew takes to his heels in a jiffy and manifests himself with a meow in a split second.

The only trouble with Andrew’s hide and seek is that he expects me to do the same, first thing in the morning.

After which some cuddle, some food and the morning rituals and off he goes to sleep.

That’s a fun guy here, Andrew, Andy for short though when my daughter panics she just calls out for ‘poocha’, in her own rhythmical tone!

When the day ends with some lemon tea and a movie after such ruckus, I can’t help but smile and think its a good life after all!

Besides, what better way to hide?


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