Sky Bonds

There is no way I can ignore the sky sometimes rolling out as cotton candies and turning bright into shades of blue and deep orange and red, at other times brooding in shades of deep blues and greys.

In fact there has been no other place I stayed so far where Sky literally intruded into your daily life, peeping into the bedroom, coloring the drawing room and starting off with an orchestra of singing birds in the mornings.

This I am sure is North Bangalore thing.

I love the tapestry of images that the sky paints while I lie in my bed looking out of the window. First a single bird that looms high, then a fast goer, another in good company of two and so it goes on.

I am impressed at this generosity and looking out is my favorite pastime now.

Earlier I have complained of how the sky never stopped by to wait on me or to have a conversation but these days, when I feel low and breaking, I find the sky reaching out in his splendor.

I must say I like it, who wouldn’t?