Paratha magic

‘Your parathas mama’, goes my kid ‘are yummy, delicious and flaky’, she says that with an elaborate nod and thumbs up sign.

I love such compliments and that gets me back to the kitchen eager for more validation.

But when its cold all around, whether it be work, life or living what does one do apart from stuff oneself with some good food.

So said my friend adding that he is going to get enough chicken cooked today to fill his heart and forget his worries.

It was in Raipur that I picked up my paratha skills from chechi who patiently taught me how to cook gobi ka paratha, aloo ka paratha, methi ka paratha, palak ka paratha and more. In fact, I was so impressed with my own paratha skills that I never missed an opportunity to show them off to any hapless visitor to my home.

‘Paratha khaoge!’ I would say with unmatched glee.

Recently though adding your bija seeds, til, and other such tit bits into the paratha has helped me make them even more tastier and drool worthy!

So here’s to some paratha magic!

When you are low

lonely and morose

broken in and out

sick to the core

and can’t get any sicker

be smart

be sharp

pack the dough

and cook up some nice p-a-r-a-t-h-a

and serve them hot tomato gojju!

Love can wait

so can work

but never let go

an opportunity to hog!

coz it is Paratha ki jai!


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