Of return

the grass greens more

tender in my eyes

the earth soft and silky

spreads a path

of no promises

yet the call



looming large

an ancient dwelling

a few trees

and some birds

then the rains

and the promise

of an old friend dear

but mostly an iota

of doubt and fear

of being consumed

of being enveloped

of no return

of thereafters

yet the call

powerful deep from within

rises every second

the sweet promises

of childhood, dreams and spirits

of trees and scents and clear skies



the rise of the question

ah! time,you be the guide

I, your humble follower

dear universe,

fold me in your arms

hold me close

in life, living as dead

or in death itself

the returns are sweet

the hopes are sweeter

till then


It is a kind world that we live in

I often hear that the auto drivers are inhuman and dangerous, really I said,’ they have been extraordinarily kind to me’. In fact, while in Indore I had an unwritten contract with an auto driver bhaiya that he was the one to pick and drop me or my daughter for close to 5 years. Now this could even be early morning sports events at 6 am or post annual function or other events at 10 pm, there was never a murmur ever on either side, that sometimes I joked to my colleagues who would ask, ‘who did you come with’, and I would go ‘the auto wallah’, with a wink!

More than that they were also my besties, the auto wallah bhaiyas, that once a college function pic appeared in a local paper and they were the first to point it to me and almost celebrate it. Kind of made my day brighter!

In Bangalore, though I have had some tough experiences but that does not make me brand all auto drivers as being unethical because they are not obviously.

On the linkedin a young lady wrote to me saying she was looking for work. She said, ‘I just wanted to connect to you’, I was amazed at this and we talked.

Apparently with the COVID 19 her life has been difficult and she was going through some tough time.Well, so was I! After a few exchanges of messages on phone, and some talk later, we sort of built some bonding. Yesterday I reached out to her asking for some suggestion and she said your daughter is mine too, Sreelekha!,I will do whatever is possible’. Really!!! I was moved beyond words.

When I connected her with another friend of mine for a webinar, I felt good. Isn’t the world a good place!

I can share numerous instances like that. When I was buying my flat against a negative bank balance on my own,fighting my own diffidence, a whole lot of indifference and skepticism and some genuine doubt, the man who was selling it to me said, ‘listen I will transfer this amount to you from my wife’s account. Give it back to us when you are comfortable’.

Now who does that? I don’t even know the guy or his family but there I was being helped to help accomplish a wish I thought I would never be able to achieve in the first place.

I guess we all have these examples of the goodness of the universe reaching out to us at different times but when life takes a bad turn, we forget and blame the whole world for being selfish and cruel.

Of course we need to be cautious and careful and often times when I have lowered my defence, I have been taken for a ride or two! That notwithstanding, I would still say ‘its a good world, with the kind forces of the universe guiding and almost holding your hand with compassion and a great deal of consideration’.

So what if some dreams never come true, some wishes never become real, some efforts go in vain, it is all just fine.

I use this talisman often, ‘think of a street dog or any animal or tree in this world, whose right or need or very existence is always in jeopardy,yet does it or he/she have a choice to express, question or even plead!’ Well, knowing the answer to that one has to be grateful for the many many blessings one has.

Our lives are always better than that of many others in so many different ways even when we are going through some very bad times and we always have the power and the strength to give, reach out and help one another, then why waste time cribbing, go have a happy life, happy as it is! Cheers!


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Chota packet bada damaka

CAtch me if you can: Movie

To watch a Leonardo Di Caprio movie is always a delight but watching a very young Leonardo charming essaying the role of an absolute con man was more than delightful.

With Tom Hanks as FBI agent Hanratty at his heels, the young supremely chameleon like Frank Abagnel Jr changes his colors leaving even the experienced FBI agent stunned into stupidity a few times.

To know that it is a biographical tale is even more interesting. I mean that is pure genius, no wonder Charles Shobraj has many women swooning over him!

Anyways the digital art in the trailer was pretty impressive too.

The movie is a feel good watch, where one is torn between admiration for the talents of Frank Abagnel, sympathy for his rather unfortunate upbringing and of course a suspicion of con artists.

What is very endearing is the friendship that develops between the cop and the Frank. When a young Frank Abagnel calls Carl Hanratty the FBI officer chasing him on a lonely Christmas night one really feels for the lonely souls around the world, who cannot share their joys or sorrows with another soul.

Catch Me If You Can 2002 movie.jpg
The real Frank Abagnale at Google