She and I

I claw deep deep

into her heart

and pry on raw


feed on hurts

lingering love

exhausted waitings

flailing hopes

dying on dreams run dry

I thrive on her miseries

rivulets of tears copious

of deaths, disease and now divorce

I devour her loneliness

her mad yearnings

for madder far unrealistic goals

set in times beyond her

I seek in her

nothing but fattening food

for my existence

I live on her corpse

within her throbbing heart

She knows not

of my parasitical intentions

my bacterial fantasies

my single aim

to destroy her for my purpose

Yet in her dreams

with her fingers futile

she fights me

sometimes succumbs to me

coz I despite my

vampirical illusions

come from beyond her

far away from her notions of time

further away from her understanding

of existence, hers and mine

So we live she and I

feeding on each other

and growing however


however zigzag

however garish,unbecoming or paste

there we are

she and I

sometimes she disowns me

till I overpower her

and press out the juice of her living

there it sits

I sit, the poem

much to her regret

even mine

times living tragedies

she and I!

Andrew, the Furry fellow

Why so beautiful

man of furry elegance

a tail of magnificence

eyes deep brown

set in mustard

and purring like an engine

what thoughts you hold

when you so silently behold

what makes you seek a hand

and hold it tight

what meaning dost thou make

of the nonsensical morning chatter

our private time

what grace

what eloquence

oh man of tail and fur

what games of waiting

behind the door

and purring incessantly

for hide and seek

what knowledge of the universe

dost thou bring

what pleasure in your company

what looks

what arrogance

what surveillance

Andrew, be thou the

tail blazer of love, bounty and many cuddles

be thou meows the morning and evening calls

to rise to action

be thou belligerent meowing

still a call of love

be though the harbinger of

love’n’writing, food and wine and overflowing

wealth, many travels to far aurora borealis

snow clad Himalayas, leh, ladakh and more

( can never ask for less!)

in these quarantine times and ever after.

Bring with you thou the mysterious powers

from far away Egypt

where you reigned, supreme to all

second to none.