Hit the snooze button

wave a good bye



What a relief it should be! Anu thought about it. It would solve all her problems, the fatigue of living, just the day to day business of staying alive, seemed overwhelming.

She called up her friends from old times. ‘We are there for you’ and ‘aren’t you strong my girl’they took time to respond and express. It is not easy each caught up in his own trap.

More childhood friends,more reaching out.

Write a wish statement ask the universe what you want, he said.

What if I want nothing, have no wishes, no desires, just a huge vacuum?, she countered.

He was quiet, the meditator,someone who has had his own battles but has time for others.

Rest seemed a beautiful option.

Just quiet

Seek no more

Just be, don’t be rather.

Times are tough, perhaps what lies ahead is tougher

but there is a face

3 to be precise

for whom she matters

so the journey has to be on

the meaning will appear

if not today, then tomorrow.

PS:you listen, you help

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