Film time @netflix

What netflix and amazon prime has done is to bring those precious moments of fun-leisurely-companionship right into your home, so that all that you need to have a party is to pop some corns and have home cooked pasta, a drink of your choice and just sit back to see some good stories being told.

A movie buff, my daughter is particular about not letting a film go un-watched. More so, she is particular about making it an experience worth remembering.

That means almost every other day we are huddled up in front of the laptop gushing or complaining about a movie, with accompaniments which are planned and prepared in advance.

Though lazy myself, I like it when she insists on these little experiences and participates in creating them.

At the back of my mind, a nagging fear of her separation sits large and urges me to catch on to these times, like it or not, ‘carpe diem’, the young lady might set sail anytime!!!

But it is this love to attend to the aesthetics of food experiences, movie experiences that sets her apart from those of us who make mundane adjustments about the kind of life we live.

An aesthetic, given to beautifying life experiences, willing to sit out patiently till the right tone emerges, patient enough to try many times over, with great attention to details, this child is interesting!

She has to either have the best or none at all!

In the name of being busy, or old or uninteresting, many of us tend to just about exist but for whose sake, really?!!!

Is it not important to live life, king size the way you deem it fit?

Life with an aesthetic, is demanding but enduring and charming in its own way and I get to learn lessons of many kinds.

‘So, tell me what you want to eat?’, asks she, ‘come on make a choice, no you can’t just say anything! Think say it!’

‘You should know your mind mom’, she reprimands me.

So grudgingly but happily, I go on to specify the exact thing I want, and she laughs at me.

‘After all, it’s the cheese toppings that makes a dull, bland pizza base delicious right!

or that sprig of curry leaves floating in ghee that makes the sambhar mouth-watering

Toppings do matter!’

Good company

Comfort living

Great food

Me time

What’s your preferred topping to life?

PS: Fun@home


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