Mithi reclaims her path

Mithi reclaimed a path as hers

and flowed fiercely

cries confounding damned her


she said

‘it’s my nature to be fierce

despite my name

there is nothing sweet in me

choked to my core

I come alive mercy to the monsoons

tell me when else have you seen me

when have you bothered about me

what happened to my longing love

what stifled my meeting him,my lover

leave my course

go travel your homes afar

nourish me and rejoice

we shall grow together

those richer reap a life of good fortune

in the land of glitz and glamor

compassion comes in columns

the penniless suffer the most

but sweet vengeance is now my name

so move or be moved!

maybe I can still be your life

if only you go, just go

coz there are lives beyond you,

ye humans!


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