A pat, A Smile and some kind words

I didn’t start off as a teacher on my own will.

In fact, I never wanted to be a teacher to begin with but once I became a teacher I gave it all that I had and in many ways teaching challenged me to push my boundaries constantly. I believe I became a better individual and a better teacher with time.

I received lots of love and respect and truck loads of self confidence…some thing I had lost as a teenager, the brunt of which I bore for long.

Well, as a child I wanted to have my columns in newspapers and to have the world wake up to read them. I was influenced by Tavleen Singh in those days, a very eminent columnist of my growing up years.

I am glad however that I did become a teacher and what happened today sort of reinforced that feeling.

A newly passed out MBA walked into my office and started talking. As me and my colleague listened, I thought to myself, ‘isn’t this the boy who had stammering but he was speaking so fluently’ and the young man as if reading my mind said, ‘yes mam, I have over come it almost to 95 percent. Thank you so much’.

I smiled at him still trying to connect the dots when he elaborated, ‘we have been doing everything you suggested, we talk to each other for almost 2 hours every day, we record our speeches and we have been observing the improvement. I just wanted to come and tell you this personally. ‘

‘My friend is continuing his practice and he said, he will do it for 2 hours every day even after he gets a job.’

‘It’s only when I meet strangers that I stammer a bit, otherwise I don’t stammer at all, ‘ he beamed happily.

I thanked the universe for this good news to pep me up on an otherwise dull day.

So all I want to say is to stay on glued into the conversation with a shy individual who is trying to overcome stammering, lend a bit of motivation and some support. The results are almost immediate and the rewards invaluable.

Anyways, when did a pat on the back and a smile become so expensive?!!!

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