Where the heart is- Film

We watched Natalie Portman’s ‘Where the heart is?’ with many ‘awww’s and ‘ooh’ and other such exclamations at what was one of the cutest story telling in movies that I have seen in recent times.

Novalee Nation grows right in front of your eyes from a bubbly, extremely naive pregnant teenager to becoming a young woman with a profession, a worthy man in her life and her beloved baby, Americus plus and an impressive social status as a photographer right in front of your eyes in a span of 2 hours.

The film is beyond touching and Natalie’s character wins you over with her charm, her simplicity and her ability to care for others despite the many tragedies she had to undergo.

Through out the film, as an audience I felt myself getting anxious for this beautiful yet simple girl and her lovely baby. When the handsome Forney enters Novalee’s life as a baby sitter,you know for sure that Novalee cannot have a better husband and can’t but chide and feel frustrated at Novalee’s attempts to push him away.

Novalee feels that she is some what lesser and that she doesn’t deserve Forney even when he acknowledges his love for Novalee Nation and Americus Nation over and over again.

Finally it takes the advent of her runaway boyfriend to remind Novalee of her love for Forney.

All is well when Novalee meets Forney and accepts that she too loves him.

Ashley Judd as Lexie, Novalee’s friend, does well as the woman in search of eternal love and forever failing.

Stockard Channing as sisterhusband comes to Novalee’s rescue and sort of becomes Americus’ god mother with her acts of kindness and compassion.

Sweetly engaging, the movie makes one believe in love and also think that it is not such a bad world after all.

Well, there is hope for love, we sigh together , the daughter, I and Andrew , the cat!

Don’t they say ‘love begets love’!!!

The charming duo!

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