Is the animal world trying to tell us something?

Breaching of whales at unusual places brings excitement and joy to a few onlookers in one of the videos I saw today.

Truly it must be a defining experience for the viewer.

(Don’t ask me of my travels, coz they are a-beginning. )

But seriously, I do believe that the animals, the birds, the creatures of the sea sometimes stay close and allow the humans a glimpse into their world, their magnificence with a purpose.

Perhaps those blessed beings want us to realize their magnanimity, their greatness and how we as humans are just so fortunate to share this planet with them.

You see, man need not hurry against or fight or conquer nature any more, it is there for all, the humans and the others.

These wonderful beings by being so splendid beg of man for his reckoning of their existence.

It is their world too, perhaps they mean to say.

When I read of sea creatures approaching divers, swimmers in hope for help or scratch, I am just overwhelmed at the trust they place in us, the humans.

They seem to somehow believe that we are kind, compassionate and powerful enough to be acknowledged and to reach out to in times of need.

With great power does come great responsibility.

When the stray cat or dog follows you in hope of food, he or she knows what he is doing. He knows this other bi-ped is capable of providing food and shelter and more.

This knowledge is instinctual to all animals and they naturally tend to reach out to man in the hour of need.

A broken wing, a poking needle, a fisher man’s net impeding movement, animals, birds and creatures of all kinds turn to man for help.

And we are forever surprised, nay shocked when an animal shows kindness, or exhibits the so called humane qualities. We refuse to believe in the innate goodness of nature and the compassion that is inherent in all creatures.

Years of living in conflict with nature in the earlier years of human existence has perhaps filled human mind with such thoughts about nature being a dangerous and vile force.

Today with a clear upper hand in the order of living on the planet, man can and should be kinder, warmer and more careful about the planet and his brethren, the other inhabitants of the planet.

As a species we need to teach our children to respect what we have of nature and not indiscriminately harm it.

It is in Shakunthalam by the great Kalidasa that one can read about the shrubs, the trees, the flowers and other living and non living things shedding tears or expressing sorrow as a young Shakunthala gets ready to join King Dushyanta at his palace.

Perhaps it really is so. Perhaps what surrounds us and get emotionally affected by us. Perhaps we are just unable to read their expressions.

Now who is to say that?



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