Rides and learning

I am happy about riding the two wheeler, just that I get very worried at the turns. So I wait endlessly at every right or left turn and once I find a few bikes or cars with me, I buck up the courage to take the turn. Now not all turns are manned by signals or policeman and not on all days either. So, this strange camaraderie of fellow travelers is what saves my life and rescues me from embarrassment, almost everyday.

How easily do we collaborate? The other day,I was drenched thoroughly and almost struggling to see through the helmet when this happened. I had been waiting for five minutes unable to decide whether to take the cross. A car stopped by, the driver made eye contact as if he understood my predicament, indicated that I follow him and then I crossed. I was more than relieved.

I am thinking of how strangers sometimes stop to help and move on without any expectation of reward or acknowledgement.

It is a beautiful ability to be able to do that and I am sure all of us or at least most of us have been recipients of unexpected kindness at some point or the other.

The world would be even more beautiful if we used this ‘strange camaraderie’ to spread love and positivism.

And it does not look to be impossible either!


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