Old is gold, the sari story

Knowing that the girl will move out of home for studies, and then work, maybe, one is holding on to those precious moments of companionship.

The other day while arranging my wardrobe, I found myself peddling my saris in all serious to my daughter.

“This is good you know, looks simple, but has an elegance to it, I said showing off a mrignayanee one”. “Yeah” maybe said she,” I will pair it with a turtle neck top”.

Now this , now that, I went on showing off saris one after another as if they were trophies or medals won at some prestigious tournaments.

There was a certain pride in me, a desire to see her wear those, even a desperation for her approval of my choices may be, I don’t know .

Later I thought to myself of what sort of validation was I seeking by pushing this agenda?!!!! Some sinister motherly ones for sure!!!!

Hmm..clever manipulations of something of a sinister plot by a mother disguised and dressed in the form of concern and care….sounds diabolical almost!!! Crazy!!!

I also realized that back home amma does pretty much the same thing, when she rattles off stories of her sari whenever I steal a look into her almirah.

Time has indeed come a full circle.

Sprouting thrift shops for saris have some how changed this scenario where ladies of the house are peddling their precious five and a half metre garment online in exchange for others, after isn’t change the only constant.

Incidentally, I have actively participated in this ‘Old is gold’ concept by being a consumer myself.The experiences have been a mixed bag so far, what drives me is the thought that these practices do somehow dent (???) the human impact on the planet.

Repurposing saris is a big time business these days.From cushion covers to table tops to bags to everything is being a lift with a brocade or a cutting lifted from a discard worthy sari.

Good enough. In fact, sharing of resources is nothing new to mankind. Until recently entire generations of men and women grew up entirely on hands down garments from relatives and friends and well, it was not looked down upon.

Well, one needs to perhaps remember and reiterate the old values of ‘don’t waste’,or waste is criminal negligence from our parents and elders.

But ‘thrifting’ is big business on Instagram and it is amazing to see youngsters especially accepting and practicing it with enthusiasm.

Looks like the younger are also more wiser! What say!





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