Meowing Mantras

a handsome cat

with a pretty posterior

to boot

at least he thinks so

he carefully places

his rump on the softest

of materials

mostly dresses

one likes to wear

to plunge in to a mode

of emptying the can

an expulsion of

the unwanted

now the otherwise

gentle seemingly wise

marjara, andrew, the cat

assumes a rather

saintly disposition

when in ‘vajrasana’

he seats himself

closing his eyes

in deep contemplation

a master at meditation

chanting meowing mantras

on the purposes of lives

catly and otherwise

slyly scheming to leave a mark

wet and rather stinky

a territorial conquest

in this game of hide and seek

he comes out the winner

despite what I believe

is my foresight

even daintily making

choices of material, color and contour

he thus expounds

truths of living

commentary on my life history

metaphorically conveyed

of which I am yet to decipher

the comprehensive truths

hidden behind such

seemingly savage acts of ceremonial expulsion.

Nothing else matters

Not in the sudden stormy

outpourings of suppressed emotions

but the warm steadiness of the waves

lashing against the shore

in gentle lullabies

lies the secret of a heart’s

true yearnings

small steady steps to

a far away mountain

whisper of love that is true

a light far too small

yet burning in the darkness

far too long

moves a heart too often

when ‘times hurrying chariot’

claims lives aplenty

a hand familiar

is what a heart desires

a soul gentle and kind

a forever companion to keep

for when eyes turn bleak

bones go frail

spirit falters

whatever mattered more than love!

All set and nowhere to go

Strange are the ways of the universe!

Having led me to believe in change, she turns back and shuts a door.

Another door shut.

Well, it is not the first time so I sigh and say to myself, perhaps there is something better.

A change of place, not to be.

A change of a city, not to be.

New place, new challenges, new experiences. That was the idea.

Well! they say its just in the stars, the complications and the twists.

Perhaps, perhaps not.

Maybe it is not that bleak after all

I just a saw a few silver linings!

Got to hang on to hopes!

Change, wow great

no change, ok will survive…

coz if you made it this far

won’t you just make it a little more

besides what is the point in sulking?!!!

what will come, will come

but then you ask

quando, quando

sweet friend!!!

Quando Quando

Sweet life, quando, quando!!!!


The musings of a wallflower

So, there was she, all excited to receive her guests in transit. That is right, so her guests were moving on and had decided to have a pit stop at her home.

She was ecstatic. Going overboard and very much misreading the date, she went on to cook some delicious stuff and when the reality hit her, she felt like a fool.

Fool she was but most importantly it made her realize the deep desire in her heart to be among those she thought as valuable to her.

(How often does she not return calls? eh?, the grass is greener on the other side!!!)

Silly of course.When indeed the week after when they landed up at her door, she had already done everything she could to receive them with love.

How beautiful it is to have family?How wonderful is it to be able to sit down together? How sweet that she should be chosen to be with?

With such thoughts and thinking of a certain someone who chose to leave for his heavenly abode too early, she sighed but felt ‘ecstatic’.

What surprised her was that she was just ‘a wall flower’, a ‘cupboard’ or some thing in the house, her home to her visitors.

Having called over their friends, the guests and their guests chilled and had a good time, so they said and thanked profusely.

She turned around in disbelief at how she was definitely not in the league to make good conversation!

Funny, she nodded, and the girl chirped, I thought so too,mom and they sighed.

Such are times.

Courtesy of a visitor:

*Be polite

* Make conversation

*Find time and take effort to personalize conversation

*Ask about the people, pets at home.

*Spend time

Perhaps it is not right to expect so much.

Perhaps it is just the expectation that makes it weird.

Perhaps you are like that too when you visit.


But then, she asked herself, ‘Tell me honestly, haven’t you been guilty of the same?’!!!! Cough! Cough!!!