All set and nowhere to go

Strange are the ways of the universe!

Having led me to believe in change, she turns back and shuts a door.

Another door shut.

Well, it is not the first time so I sigh and say to myself, perhaps there is something better.

A change of place, not to be.

A change of a city, not to be.

New place, new challenges, new experiences. That was the idea.

Well! they say its just in the stars, the complications and the twists.

Perhaps, perhaps not.

Maybe it is not that bleak after all

I just a saw a few silver linings!

Got to hang on to hopes!

Change, wow great

no change, ok will survive…

coz if you made it this far

won’t you just make it a little more

besides what is the point in sulking?!!!

what will come, will come

but then you ask

quando, quando

sweet friend!!!

Quando Quando

Sweet life, quando, quando!!!!


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