The musings of a wallflower

So, there was she, all excited to receive her guests in transit. That is right, so her guests were moving on and had decided to have a pit stop at her home.

She was ecstatic. Going overboard and very much misreading the date, she went on to cook some delicious stuff and when the reality hit her, she felt like a fool.

Fool she was but most importantly it made her realize the deep desire in her heart to be among those she thought as valuable to her.

(How often does she not return calls? eh?, the grass is greener on the other side!!!)

Silly of course.When indeed the week after when they landed up at her door, she had already done everything she could to receive them with love.

How beautiful it is to have family?How wonderful is it to be able to sit down together? How sweet that she should be chosen to be with?

With such thoughts and thinking of a certain someone who chose to leave for his heavenly abode too early, she sighed but felt ‘ecstatic’.

What surprised her was that she was just ‘a wall flower’, a ‘cupboard’ or some thing in the house, her home to her visitors.

Having called over their friends, the guests and their guests chilled and had a good time, so they said and thanked profusely.

She turned around in disbelief at how she was definitely not in the league to make good conversation!

Funny, she nodded, and the girl chirped, I thought so too,mom and they sighed.

Such are times.

Courtesy of a visitor:

*Be polite

* Make conversation

*Find time and take effort to personalize conversation

*Ask about the people, pets at home.

*Spend time

Perhaps it is not right to expect so much.

Perhaps it is just the expectation that makes it weird.

Perhaps you are like that too when you visit.


But then, she asked herself, ‘Tell me honestly, haven’t you been guilty of the same?’!!!! Cough! Cough!!!


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