Back to the classroom

In the cozy confines of home, even though one is masked, one is still comfortable.

Such evenings are now dedicated to learning and teaching, what a joy!

Even if the class has but one student, the experience is so joyful that the grin is now pasted even more prominently on my face.

I had to struggle for this literally, this experience of the classroom.

Earlier it was the inconvenience of others, my own laziness, the awkwardness of having to ask or set a price for teaching which stopped me from doing this.

Now, I can only see reasons to have children coming to learn at home, how blissful it really is, especially since avenues to teach at college looked rather dim.

I find myself waking up thinking of what to do the next day, how to start the class, what activities to do and what to do to refresh my own competency!

Its is a handful definitely but it is unbelievably refreshing and energizing, that someone commented,’so what’s sort of brightening the smile these days?, rather slyly.

I shrugged, who would believe?

Yet, the joy of engaging in one’s favorite activity is unlimited, work is no work, rather it is rejuvenating.

I remembered how as a school teacher prancing from one class to another, naively believing in one’s noble contribution to the nation and the future making or simply trying not to get caught by the principal, who is probably observing through the CCTV, one still managed to keep up the smiles and the laughs.

How a simple ‘good morning mam’ or ‘we missed you yesterday, mam’ would make you feel on top of the world. I know, its not always very sincere but so what, at that present moment, a teacher feels the life purpose fulfilled, totally. I know I did.

Sometimes the questions are challenging and you answer, ‘let me look that up’ and the child is ok with that, some times a student more knowledgeable in the subject tends to raise his/her hand to stand up and share and it is all part of the game.

When life goes topsy turvy, when roads look dim and long ahead, do consider going to the classroom as a teacher, there is an eager lot waiting to hear you and learn from you.

Achan said, it is not for money, you see, and I corrected, it indeed is for money!

And he just went silent at my commercialized outlook to the noble profession of teaching!

The silence was telling….

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