Magic of MusIC

What is so sultry and beautiful about the singing of Bombay Jayasree, perhaps it is her rich repertoire of classical singing experience, the voice itself and her own calm and soothing personality that gives her songs the effect that sends the listener into a trance.

When one needs a little something more to get going in a day, tune into Bombay Jayasree, the ghazals by Jagjit Singh, or songs by Shweta Mohan and her mom Sujatha, it will never disappoint you.

The magic of Bombay Jayasree

Ghazals best express the pain of separation and loss and trace their history to Arabic poetry. With poignant phrases, excellent rendition, well sung ghazals tend to pull at your heartstrings and stay on in your memory evoking pleasant yet painful sensations. Maybe like what Wordsworth said in his To Daffodils

‘For oft when on my couch I life

in solemn or in pensive mood

they flash upon my inward eye

a host of golden daffodils’ recalling the impact of his sighting dancing

daffodils while on a walk.

Soulful renditions of Jagjit Singh

To this I will also add dear Norah Jones for her deep music, great lyrics and almost seductive singing. Doesn’t fit the bill, but when was music restricted to language.

Beautiful beyond words

We lost this legend recently but what a body of work, what stories, what charisma, what style! No body can replace Kenny Rogers.

If music be philosophy, play on

Though the very famous Jolene is Dolly Parton’s song, I love Miley Cyrus singing it better.


If there was ever an anthem for teachers, it has to be this.

Anthem for youth

The Stairway to Heaven is beyond compare….

Let Her Go never stops you from smiling!

Loss is love

Until sometime back all Bryan Adams was all I knew of music and it was enough.



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