TEach and be enriched

So with the quarantine and the Covid kicking in, the university wore a desultory look. There were no events to be held, no clubs met or no activities to conduct.

An unusual disquiet settled in with the uneasiness of pay cuts and quarantine. What could have been time for rest and rejuvenation was not that at all.

Instead an empty mind held on to old worries, wishes which ran awry,faces which turned away, voices which died and the many which were never heard and churned on fervent emotions scalding the mindscape.

Then it happened, ‘ we want teachers, said my former work space, the L&D department’, ok, so can she not do it?

Yes, of course, we want you to support this team.

Delightfully, I nodded.

Here comes a moment of great wanting, and a long yearning.

Classroom it is!

Even in the discomfort of long distance learning, classrooms are somehow spectacularly refreshing and engaging.

Till we bid good bye to 2020, I can happily be in good company.

Now, who said the universe, never heard?!!!

Well, if you are this quick in granting wishes, I said jokingly, here’s my wishlist, some have been pending for a long time!

She looked away after a quick glance at what I held out.

Well, till such time, go back to classroom, be happy yourself and make others miserable!!!


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