your presence





a waft of hopefulness

waif like in the breeze

reed grown stronger

with age and tender care

holds a soul in lifted spirits

step in and stay on.

For growing old

in your company

watching the stars

gazing at the sky

watching coffee mugs

mingling aromas

looking for shards

of broken imagery

pulsing poetry

means so much

to me

defining who I am

and who I would be

together in your company.

When branches sway

sweet mornings awake

smiles catch on

to each other

to spread songs

sun rays dancing

words would dance

stories come alive

in silence

we could speak.

Sweet love

step in

stay on

shy be your gentle smile

brooding charisma

be thou who you are

just be

years apart

has just made

a longing deep


confounding logic

sense and reasoning

sweet love

step in stay on

PS: of dreams in corona


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