stroll together

A stroll by the riverside

a sunset watched together

a coffee break in company

a book read and shared

a bit of gossip

of an uncle or a far off aunt

a meowing cat

a few birds

a frog’s croak

a cricket narrating

in agitation or exhilaration

little heated backanswers

some notable expressions

of hurt, anger and love

such be love

each day every day

Ps: small acts, rich life

Squishy squashy castles

What fluffy dreams

destinations ethereal

are housed in thee

heavenly travelers

beings so bright

what castles squishy squashy

what worlds

what denizens move about in thy abode

what fragrant flora

adorns thy land

what birds of paradise

what winged creatures

ride thy mysterious paths

what mischief sets thee rolling

floating firmaments

what gods, what souls

what deep thoughts

paint thy moorings

harbingers of mighty

mutant mortality

what munitions microscopic

will thou now unleash

what menace mean

shall now descend?

Thus they spoke:

‘what goes around, comes around’