On a Detour

Wanna try?

Yes, said I jumping at the chance and joined a ride through the unknown.

The greenery unfolded as the solitary roads got us into landscape looking straight out of a picture book.

Fresh air, lush green on either side and water pools to boot, the ride was surreal to say the least!

I was stuck by the possibilities of a small detour and what it offered.

Wondering why we never take enough chances or effort to change, thus missing out on many opportunities for better life experiences, I thanked my friend for the ride to the unknown.

And discovered to my surprise places straight out of a verdant heaven so close to me, at an arm’s stretch.

What stops us from taking those ‘detours’?

Lethargy, fear or ignorance…..

What ever it be, it is time for the detour ,so I thought.

A detour sometimes, many times is a good thing.

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