Work , war, Life

So, it’s all like hunger games, you see, said she.

‘I do not’, said I in reply.

‘It is always difficult to see what is happening to you when you are in the thick of things. It is almost impossible to be objective and pontificate while you are being tossed and thrashed against your will, feeling helpless and rather clueless.’

But there she was, the fountainhead of all wisdom!

‘ You know what your problem is’, she continued, ignoring my nonplussed countenance.

‘You immerse yourself in work so much so that you forget your surroundings. You ignore what is going around you. You refuse to pick up cues scattered in full sight and refuse to act on them.’

‘So, am I supposed to be working or being on some alert mode, like my cat, whose cat nap is proverbial?’

‘Both. Yes, don’t glare at me. Let me explain this to you’.

‘Have you ever known of an animal that has lost its sense of threat perception? Have you seen them put their defenses down altogether ever?

Do you see them going off their alert mode completely, perhaps not?’

‘Well, that is true I guess. They have be aware and alert all the time, they have too many threats to their life, don’t they?’

‘Now, tell me what makes you think that you are any different?

As in at your work place, at home, in different life situations, is it normal that there will threat to your current state of existence?’

‘Life threat, you mean?’

‘Nope, girl, threat to your position, to your chair, to your sense of comfort with your partner, maybe with yourself, to your state of mind, to what you hold close to you’ . Is it not natural for the other person to aspire for some part of that? Yes or no?’

‘Yeah, so?’

‘If so, would he or she want to claim it for self, what ever means?’

‘Possible, so you mean I was in some state of stupor?’

‘Yeah, unfortunately, that is the truth, you allowed this to happen by not taking control of the situation as it was playing out in front of you. You have done this earlier and have not learned the lesson.

The life situation, played it out again to you, and what do you do, like a dumb head you walk straight into the trap again!’

‘Seriously, if you are trying to coverup your incapability with virtues of noble intentions and sterling character, you may want to take a relook at what you stand for’.

‘Your primary job in life is to protect what you hold and grow it if it comes from truth.’

‘Defending your area, territory, position, your relation is your responsibility.’

Oh, my, you make it sound like a warzone!

“It sure is!!!!”


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